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Over the years I’ve taught several adult Sunday school classes about Christian Financial management. Much of the material I gleaned from several of the excellent books that are available. In addition, as a result of much study, I’ve discovered that there are over eight hundred places in the Bible where God tells us how to be good money managers for Him. I suggest you get a concordance and look up the passages for yourself. In the meantime, here are some of the things that I discuss with my CFM classes; perhaps they’ll help you when you think about money and stewardship:

1. The financial failure pays all of his bills and living costs first – then tries to tithe and save out of what is leftover. Usually there is nothing leftover. To be prosperous, you must pray for help and plug those money leaks.

2. We are accountable to God in Heaven and the IRS here on earth. On our financial statement, God looks at the top line (first fruits, tithes & offerings). The IRS looks at the bottom line (and everything in between).

3. The profit motive is an honest, legitimate, and scriptural motive for Christians to possess. This is so important to recognize because without an understand of this, you cannot succeed with money (See Luke 19:15-17)

4. You can succeed as a money manager if you can maintain a sincere desire, over along period of time, to achieve the goals of your money plan: Desire, Time, and the Plan.

5. Four essentials for success with money: (1) Prayer. (2) A plan to save (have) money. (3) A way to control all of your living costs. (4) A solution to the problem of debt.

6. The solution to most money problems is more personal discipline, not more money.

7. A Christian must learn to run toward his creditors, not away from them because a Christian must focus on the rights of others before his own.

8. Where money and credit are concerned, you’re in business for yourself.

9. You cannot save by buying. The planning (management) of money is more important than the money itself.

10. Recognize that the money you have is God’s money, you are managing it for Him. He expects a 10% return and He gives you the remaining 90% for your needs and wants. Good deal!

What is your money saying to you?

Terry Weber

Source by Terry Weber

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