Moon Effect in Vedic Astrology


Moon in the first house

You are moody and changeable leading to insecurity, indecisiveness and mood swings. You are extremely sensitive to what people say about you and to the environment. Be confident, positive and express your individuality and uniqueness in work. Your mother’s influence on you whether for good or ill is strong. Some of your weakness and strengths may be attributed to this influence.

Moon in the second house

Your feelings and emotions depend on your material resources money and possessions. Emphasize on self worth, you should have the attention of women or public. A work that gives you public view is good for you. You personal and emotional identity is closely linked to your work and you develop a feeling of oneness and harmony with your work.

Moon in the third house

Your intellectual ability is displayed through prose poetry or writing. You are humorous, flexible, adapt to situations, have good communication skills and love traveling. You want versatility and routine is boring for you. You tend to learn things better by listening rather than reading them. Emphasizing on exchange of communication and information is vital for you.

Moon in the fourth house

You are greatly attached to your roots as security is of utmost importance for you. So, you are very concerned about your family, parents, and home. You love antics and parents have a strong influence on you. You must emphasize on your home. Work from home or make your workplace quite homely as you need security and comfort during work.

Moon in the fifth house

You consistently search for emotional self expression and pleasure hence you are much attached to children. You want to grab the attention of everyone and want to have a gala time. You emphasize on taking care OK kids and teaching. Mood swings and romances are common. The exhibitionists, creative and theatrical aspects of the work needs are increased.

Moon in the sixth house

You tend to nurture your colleagues are considerate towards them but may sometimes be moody and over-sensitive. Health issues arise from insecurity and worry so stop fretting, and watch your diet. Major Job changes and working with women or public is indicated.

Moon in the Seventh house

You choose sensitive partner who can “mother you” and your need for companionship and ultimate security leads to many relationships and more than one partner. Your work situation depends on public partnerships and you are a “public personality”. To fulfill your work needs you depend on others. Try not to be too much emotionally dependent on others.

Moon in the eighth house

You want security and depend on other people’s resources both in personal and professional life. You doubt yourself and worry, envy and possessiveness can be there. You can develop psychic abilities partnership in business or through marriage may result in financial gains. Work involving mystery, rehabilitation, reform, playing detective, psychology and research suits you.

Moon in the Ninth House

You emphasize upon higher aspects of life, religion law, law, public mores and the dimensions of philosophy. You may mentally or physically travel long distances and have precognitive dreams. You may be a stimulating teacher and have variety of interests. For personal in work consider the possibilities of foreign travel, change of citizenship and even relocation in foreign countries.

Moon in the tenth house

You have a charismatic personality and thinking of others is important for you. A public position dealing with women, publicity or change may be held by you. In work situations you want a take-charge position your individuality is often emphasized to the extent that you cannot easily tolerate any subordinate position within work. You must learn to control your emotions.

Moon in the eleventh house

You have many female friends are popular with women. You have nurturing instincts for or within the group and like humanitarian projects. In work situations emphasize on the network of friendship. They may help you in getting the job and make it more rewarding. Seek the advice of your friends rather than a professional counselor regarding work opportunity.

Moon in the twelfth house

You have a hidden, confined and limited personally and are a behind-the-scenes person in work scenario. You may deal with public welfare and may work in places like hospital, intuition or jail. Beware of secret enemies and your mother may greatly distress you. In work conditions you want little or no public contact.

Source by Ameesh Jagdish Sharma

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