Most-Liked Movies That Didn’t Win Oscar


There are some movies that leave a mark in the hearts and minds of their audience. But they are not so lucky when it comes to winning the ultimate trophy. The following list is about some such movies that made their presence felt in the Academy Awards circle, but failed to grab the big prize.

Django Unchained – Quentin Tarantino is the most audacious filmmaker to have made his way into the industry in last few decades. His movies have redefined the way we look at cinema, and his legions of fans are more than eager while anticipating his next offerings. And Django Unchained was a fine example of everything we know him for. To many, including even his not-so-ardent fans, Django Unchained was the best movie of the year. But the honours went to Argo and Life of Pi. How we would have loved Tarantino to get his hands at the incredible trophy!

Inglorious Basterds – Another Tarantino film that was ignored by the Academy, Inglorious Basterds is a masterpiece. Alright, it was nominated, but was that all it deserved? It was a brave take on Holocaust and really altered the history in a manner we were more than willing to accept. Brad Pitt went out of his comfort zone and performed the role which was not a lead role in the movie anyways. But the real star of the movie was Christopher Waltz, who justifiably won the Oscar for the Best Supporting Actor for his incredible role.

Moneyball – One of the greatest sports movie ever made, Moneyball was heads and tails above the usual stuff we see in cinemas. It was unlike a typical sports movie where they say the meetings and discussions behind closed doors is inconsequential against what happens on the field. Brad Pitt produced a marvellous performance and was easily one of the top contenders for the Best Actor award. The movie lost to The Artist, which was also a worthy contender. That said, an Academy Award for Brad Pitt would have been our consolation prize.

Sweeney Todd – Tim Burton is an incredible filmmaker who has done it all. Be it the Batman series, or some semi-horror flicks, Tim Burton has worn the director’s cap with style and panache. And his pairing with Johnny Depp has more than successful. This pair has together produced some of the most remarkable cinema. Whenever they have gotten together in front of the camera, you get fireworks. They guarantee in their own unique style for their fans. And coming back to Sweeney Todd, it was a fine example of their respective talents. The movie had some great performances as well. While Johnny Depp was nominated in the Best Actor category, even he missed the winner’s trophy.

Source by Rohit Raina

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