Movie Night – A New Family Tradition


Two years ago a friend and I started hosting a “movie night” once or twice a summer. We would set up a screen, speakers and a projector. We would invite all the neighbors to watch a Disney or other kid’s movie in our cul-de-sac. As things went along we added a popcorn machine.

We both ended up moving about a year ago and because my friend owned most of the equipment, I had to buy/build new equipment.

In this short article, I want to share some ideas for starting your own movie night.

The first thing you need is somewhere to show the movie. As we live at the end of a cul-de-sac, we hold the movie in our front yard. Other ideas for places to host include a backyard, a neighborhood park, etc.

The second thing you need is a screen. I chose to build one (if you would like some directions on building a screen, visit my site a send me a message). You can buy one if you have the cash or you can hang a sheet on a wall.

The next thing you need is a projector. This is the most important and most expensive of all the items. I’m lucky enough to have a neighbor who has a projector that he allows us to use whenever we have movie night. If you do buy one, make sure the lumens are bright enough or you’ll be waiting until it is very dark, and late, to start the show. My suggestion, buy one used from a good source.

The last required item is something for the sound. I ended up buying an old Sharp stereo system off of Craig’s List for $20, and it still works fine.

Extra items include a popcorn machine – I bought mine on eBay for under $200, a water jug for making dry-ice root beer and anything else you can think of.

Hook up a DVD player, invite your neighbors and start a family/neighborhood tradition that all the kids will talk about for years. Our kids take out an invitation to all the neighbors the day before and we remind them all to bring a treat to share.

Regardless of how you do it; you, your family and your neighbors will enjoy it!

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Source by David Wilcox

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