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I’m going to let you in on a little-known secret: Movie producers virtually always only put positive reviews into their commercials, posters and other marketing material. I found out the hard way — simply relying on the reviews in a movie’s trailer to tell you whether it is “a breathtaking display of cinematic sleight-of-hand” or “a thriller that grabs you tight by the lapels and doesn’t let go” or “funny” isn’t a good way to determine whether you should pay to see that movie. This hard-earned wisdom has led me to a more accurate path: movie polls.

Movie polls can help drain the subjectivity and bias out of movie reviews. Rather than a small number of drawn out opinions that contain a lot of information that doesn’t answer the central question — should I go see this movie? — movie polls allow you to see clearly and objectively how different groups of people feel about different movies.

They can tell you whether other people in your age range liked a film. They can tell you if people in your area liked the film. They can even tell you if other people with similar taste like a particular film: useful information to have before you expend the time and money going to the theater.

Movie polls can capture information that even the best reviewer can’t include. While your ability to follow the advice of a reviewer is heavily filtered by your ability to connect with the subjective taste of that reviewer, movie polls don’t rely on this sort of nebulous conjecture. There isn’t a perfect system for judging whether you’ll like a film or not other than, of course, going to see it, but polls can take a good amount of guesswork out of the process.

And if you’re as skeptical as I am of the rave reviews that every movie gets from someone, this is good news indeed. With movie prices ever-rising, a quick glance at a movie poll is well worth the time. It can mean the difference between going home happy and going home wondering why you even bothered.

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