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Movie Reviews this week looks at the romantic drama Veronica Decides to Die. This is a very well made drama, starring the lovely Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) as a young woman Veronica Deklava, in an excellent job, with a great family behind her, who simply decides she wants to commit suicide. She is tired of the route her life is going towards, and is expecting to continue in her job until she meets a man, they get married, later on he has an affair, they have an argument, she forgives him, it happens again, but this time she is too tired to bother to confront him about it – this is how she sees how her life will pan out.

She types a suicide letter for her parents, and takes an overdose of several pills, fortunately for her she doesn’t die, but as expected is taken to a psychiatric treatment centre, paid for by her parents, which is headed by Dr. Blake played by David Thewlis (The Big Lebowski), who looks surprisingly similar to David Wenham, Dillios in 300.

When she comes round, Veronika is disappointed her attempt to commit suicide did not succeed, and is dreading having to see her parents and having to explain to them the possible reasons behind this suicide attempt; or indeed to deal with the world at large (she works at a bank that is well known in her local community, and an investigative journalist finds out she made the attempt and tracks her down to the treatment centre in order to make a scoop), when she still has the same feelings towards her existence.

Matters are further complicated when she is told the dosage of pills she has taken has caused her to have a heart attack, that resulted in an aneurysm that is getting bigger, and even though her suicide attempt failed, she doesn’t have long to live, and there is no way of treating it.

Veronika begins to contemplate on what she would like to do seeing she has a very short time left. At first she is nonchalant on the idea of doing anything while she waits to die, until she meets a fellow psychiatric patient Edward played by Jonathan Tucker (The Black Donnellys), who Blake has been trying for some time to get him to communicate with the people around him (he simply does not talk, and seems to live in a dream world existence, watching nature, insects, and just spending time alone). Blake would consider this his crowning achievement if he can break through Edward’s problem.

It turns out that Blake finds out Veronica used to play the piano when she was a child, and strategically places the piano in a place where she cannot miss it. One day she walks past it, possibly feeling bored, she at first tries out the keys of the piano with some random taps, then plays a lovely classical tune, which enchants Edward (who was listening nearby), she notices him watching her playing the piano, and the attraction builds (still with Edward not speaking a word).

As Veronica begins to fall for Edward, it then begins to dawn on her the enormity of what she is going to miss.

Veronica Decides to Die is a very interesting drama, and this movie has solid acting throughout.

Source by Dan Stevens

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