MSHELL Edition Isobag (6 Meal, Fuchsia Accent/Black)


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The Isobag by Isolator Fitness is the ULTIMATE Lunch Cooler! MADE IN USA! The Isobag has a unique front compartment that stores stackable food containers. It also features 2 insulated side pockets, and 2 mesh pockets for additional beverage bottles. On top of the Isobag is another storage compartment for silverware, napkins, protein bars, and much more! Each Isobag 3 Meal system comes with (1) 3 meal Isobag, (2) Ice Packs, and (3) 16oz, (1) 12oz, (1) 28oz, & (1) 38oz Food Containers.Front Compartment Food Management System MADE IN USA!
2 Insulated Side Pockets
2 Mesh Side Pockets
2 Ice Packs
(3) 16oz, (1) 12oz, (1) 28oz, & (1) 38oz Food Containers

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