Multi Tasking With Technology


Are you preoccupied while talking on your cell phone? Are you reading and sending emails while visiting on the phone? Are you texting while sitting with others in a restaurant? This is the twenty-first century and we love our technology. It appears that many of us think that multi-tasking is more important then personal communication.

You gotta love it. You call someone on the phone and are wanting to discuss a personal problem. Your friend seems to be all ears, and then you hear the reality, “can you hang on, I have another call coming through?” You are taken off guard and agree to the interruption, however the whole time you are on hold you’re fuming. What is going on here? Are some calls more important then others? Sometimes in our appreciation for our technology skills we tend to neglect what matters most. It may not be a matter of rudeness, it’s just lack of thinking, and being trying to be efficient.

When you are on the phone with a friend or family member, are you surfing the net at the same time? When you do this your focus is split and sometimes you are not acknowledging questions asked. As you surf, your computer is making sounds, and your fingers are heard on the keyboard. Just when you think you have successfully completed two tasks at once, the unexpected music from a web site comes one. Do you really believe that the person you are talking to isn’t aware of what you are doing?

Working, surfing, or emailing from your computer while on the phone or are in the company of others, is unacceptable. You have insulted the person on the phone and whether they tell you or not, you have done nothing less then slapped them in the face. It is really shocking and hurtful once you have poured your guts out regarding a personal problem, to a dear friend, and you hear the whoosh of an email soaring through the air.

Technology is a wonderful thing. Somewhere along the line we have made the decision to text on our cell phones while visiting with others in restaurants, surf the net while talking on the phone and reading and sending emails while appearing to be engrossed in a phone conversation.

It seems like no matter what great thing is invented, there is always someone who makes it look bad by abusing it. Multi-tasking is not the problem, if you want to talk on the phone while cleaning the house, go ahead. But please think twice about doing two things that both require a lot of thought and your full attention.

Source by Suzanne McPherson

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