Muscle-Building Workouts From Hollywood – 7 Exercises For Building The Body Of A Star


Want to look like a movie star? Or, how about just getting the body of your favorite star? Sure, famous actors in multi-million dollar productions have the advantage of makeup artists, special effects, and lighting experts to make them look smokin’ good. And, it doesn’t hurt to have a high-priced  Hollywood  personal trainer helping you out.

For example, a  Hollywood  trainer invented a special workout for the cast of the hit film “300,” starring Gerald Butler. The movie – depicting a small band of rugged Spartans fighting an entire army of invading Persians – is dramatic and exciting. Not only that: the actors have bodies that are in top form and the envy of most guys everywhere.

As Men’s Health magazine points out, the movie’s personal trainer devised a special workout routine for the cast consisting of… you guessed it… a total of 300 reps of various exercises. The routine was designed to build muscle, increase endurance, and burn fat fast.

If you are looking for muscle-building workouts from  Hollywood , here are 7 exercises for building the body of a star. These are meant to be done as a continuous workout, moving quickly from one to the next.

1. 25 pull-ups:

Start by doing 25 pull-ups. Remember, unlike with chin-ups, in the case of pull-ups you want your palms facing away from you. Keep your arms apart at about shoulder width. Do the 25 reps in as few sets as possible (preferably 1-2 sets).

2. 135 lbs. dead lift, 50 reps:

Now, do the dead lift at 135 lbs. (61 kgs.). (This is the standard 45-lb. workout bar with two 45-lb. weights on either side). If you have never done the dead lift before, find an online video to help you do it correctly. In particular, be sure to keep one hand with palm away from you and one hand with palm toward you. Be sure to look straight ahead as you do this exercise.

3. 50 push-ups:

Now, do 50 push-ups. Be sure to keep that back straight!

4. 50 box jumps at 24 inches:

Now, do 50 reps of the box jump. If you are new to this one: you will need any surface that is 24 inches (61 centimeters) off of the ground – such as an oversize truck tire or a wooden box. Stand in front of the box, jump up on top of it, then jump backwards to the ground again.

5. 50 floor wipers:

You’re getting there! Now, do 50 reps of a floor wiper. To do these: lay down on your back and get underneath a with weight bar (135 lbs./61 kgs.). Hold it up as if doing bench press. Then, lift your legs up together, bringing them to the upper, right of your head, then to the upper left of head, then back down. Repeat 50 times.

6. 25 reps of the clean-and-press with a kettlebell:

A kettlebell is basically a weight with a handle attached. Using one kettlebell (and doing one arm at a time), lift up the kettlebell up to your neck level, then up above head, then back down. Try using a 36 lb. (16 kg) kettlebell.

7. 50 pull-ups with body weight:

Now, round it out with 50 more pull-ups.

If you do this without any scheduled rests between moves, you are already a training superstar – keep it up. Unless you are an advanced athlete, you may choose to start with about 15 reps for the 25-rep moves and 25 reps for the 50-rep moves. Then, build up until you can do it as described above. In no time, you could have that  Hollywood-trained  body you are looking for.

Source by Everett Maclachlan

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