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Alfred Hitchcock is widely regarded as a director’s director, he had an eye for detail, a deep understanding of human nature, and had a flair for the twist in the tale which in the ultimate analysis makes a suspense movie a suspense movie. His obsession with perfection in every scene shot under his direction was legendary. It is rightly said that all his movies are masterpieces and that it would be extremely difficult to grade his movies on basis of one or two factors only. However, there are masterpieces and masterpieces, further, every movie buff and every lay viewer has his favorite movie.

Although it is generally held view that Vertigo is the Hitchcock Magnum Opus, my vote for the greatest Hitchcock movie goes to Spellbound. The reasons for choosing Spellbound over Vertigo are too numerous, however I would like to record the following salient features which in my humble opinion makes it the best Hitchcock movie:

1. The Nordic beauty Ingrid Bergman appears in a very unusual role as a psychiatrist, she looks as attractive wearing spectacles than other lesser actresses look without spectacles.

2. Handsome hunk Gregory Peck is also in an equally unusual role as an amnesiac doctor.

3. The flowering of the romance between the amnesiac patient and the psychiatrist is depicted in the most elegant fashion.

4. The skiing scene in the movie is perhaps one of the first such scenes to be shown on the silver screen, and needless to add, is breathtaking.

5. The surrealistic interventions at the instance of Salvador Dali make it stand heads and shoulders above any other suspense movie.

6. The scene where Ingrid Bergman melts into the arms of Gregory Peck repeating ” It’s nothing to do with love, nothing at all”, is my favorite romantic scene from a movie.

7. The twist in the tale provided at the end in trademark Hitchcock fashion, is really the fitting climax of the movie.

Overall, I rate it as the best and greatest Hitchcock movie for its seductive blending of romance, suspense and psychiatry.

Source by Rajni Bahal

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