My PC Suddenly Shuts Down – How to Fix It


If your computer suddenly shuts down, you’ll know how annoying and frustrating this problem can be. However, there is actually quite an easy way to fix this which even a beginner can do. Here’s what you need to do….

The first thing you need to do to fix a computer that’s suddenly shutting down at random times is to get it cooled down. It’s often the case that computers will overheat, causing them to just shut down to save them from burning any of the expensive and delicate components inside them. The first thing you need to do is to take off the side of your computer case and put a desk fan near your PC. This will cool your system down and will likely cure 60% of all the cases of sudden shut-downs.

If this does not work, you should then start up your PC in “safe mode”. This is done by restarting Windows and then pressing F8 continuously before it loads again. This will bring up a black screen with white writing, and give you the option of “Safe Mode” to load up your computer. This will load up Windows without any of the drivers or other software that can cause problems.

Starting in safe mode is a great way to see if the shutdown problems are being caused by the software or hardware of your system. You should try using your PC for a few hours in safe mode and if it does the same problem here, then you should take it to a professional computer repair store, as they will fix any of the damaged hardware that is likely causing the issue.

If everything is okay in safe mode, then you’ve likely got a problem with the software inside Windows. If this is the case, the best thing you can do is to download a ‘registry cleaner’ from the Internet and then install it on your PC. A ‘registry cleaner’ is a tool that scans through Windows and removes any of the damaged, corrupted or erroneous files that tend to build up inside the system. These files can often cause computers to act in very strange ways, including making them continually shut down & restart. You may find that if it’s a software related issue that’s causing your problem, a registry cleaner will fix it. And you can download one of these tools from our site.

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