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Most people get headaches at some time, with a significant number suffering regular and severe headaches. There are plenty of ‘over the counter’ painkillers available for headaches, but many people prefer to seek natural  health  alternatives.

Even people committed to a natural  health  lifestyle, cannot totally avoid the stress that can induce headaches. They can try to do so, by knowing what to do, to interrupt a build up of stress before headaches result. Something fairly simple could be all that is required, to stop headaches interfering with your natural  health .

For instance if you feel that tension is building up, you could take a few deep breaths to diffuse the situation before headaches occur.

You should realise that it is natural to retain a sense of humour, and unnatural to become too serious. That is not to suggest too much frivolity in the work place, but a smile can often achieve more than a grimace in achieving objectives, and relieving headache provoking stress.

Getting enough sleep is essential, not only to promoting your natural  health , but also to avoiding stress and related headaches. Please note that it is getting enough sleep that matters, because too much sleep can be counterproductive and may actually cause headaches. Overtiredness and stress are significant causes of headaches, and if they combine more severe or persistent headaches could result. Natural sleep and natural  health  are preferable alternatives.

Exercise can be a stress buster to assist in preventing headaches. Of course, regular exercise is vital to your natural  health , and should be a major part of your leisure time. Prolonged close concentration, as required of many sedentary workers is not natural, but could be stressful and headache inducing. Their employers are obligated to provide regular breaks. Employees should take advantage to walk away from their computer screens. Even a toilet break could be used to break the cycle of concentrated endeavour, and associated headache! Longer walks, or other light exercise in the open air, are advised for the lunch break, to de-stress and avoid the distress of headache.

Despite all their precautions most people will still get headaches sometimes. Many will resort to ‘over the counter’ chemical concoctions but remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! If you know what causes your headache you can take steps to prevent it.

Some foods trigger headaches in some headache sufferers. In the interests of your natural  health , such foods should be excluded from your diet. You are the best person to know which foods are best suited to promoting your natural  health , so if headaches follow eating a particular food, even a natural  health  food, cut it out. Coffee may result in caffeine dependency, and headaches could then result from too much or too little! There are natural  health  alternatives such as fruit juice or even good old plain water! Alcoholic drinks may cause a problem, and if taken to excess will cause more than just headaches!

There are herbal remedies that may assist with headaches. They include meadowsweet, lavender, peppermint, chamomile and others, that may be used to make teas or tinctures. Seek the advice of your herbalist or natural  health  practitioner before relying on a particular natural  health  cure.

Headaches are a very common but distressing complaint. You should be aware that occasionally they could be symptomatic of more serious conditions. Therefore, if you have a particularly severe or persistent headache consult your doctor. Look after yourself and take notice of what your body is trying to tell you. For your natural  health’s  sake just listen!

Source by Richard Wise

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