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Small Business Networking

Small business networking is really a great way to set up multiple computers to one internet access. For small businesses this a very efficient way to establish a connection to all your employee’s computers. You can allow access to as many or as few as you wish.

There are two types of networks to choose from, wall plugs and wireless. The wireless connection is the easiest and least expensive to setup and access. However, you might require the help of an electrician to run the cables if the computers are not in the same room. “Cat 5” cable or Ethernet networking can require cables up to 300 feet long. You certainly do not want the cables running across the floor, connecting each computer. So, you may require the electrician to install the cables within the walls.

Though the cable connections are more straight forward, there are reasons for using the wireless connection. The wireless network is a little more complex but it allows you to access the internet without being chained to a desk. For an example, your laptop would really not be effective if you had to be connected directly to the cables. Without this wireless technology, we could not be the mobile society we have grown to be. Our cells phones and wireless equipment allows us to connect from almost any location, freeing us to have a very flexible work environment.

As you plan to network your small business office, keep security in mind. One of the unfortunate failings of the internet is maintaining privacy. There are ways to monitor every keystroke and our computers can get a virus. These are often send through an email or when we access a website. A virus can wipe out all your data, or crash. You then will need to input all your information again and start over. This is a costly step and is daunting.

Firewalls and anti-virus software makes securing your network a fairly simple process. Most computer systems come with the correct setup of your system; however, it might be wise to double check to be certain you are secure.

There are ways to increase the effectiveness of your wireless connections. By using a hi-gain antenna, you can send the signals in the direction you wish, connecting with the next computer system. The antenna that comes with most routers sends the signals in all direction and most of the signal is sent outside your building, into the open air.

Replace your wireless adapter. The router often send a strong signal to your computer, but the signal does not return to the router to complete the connection. You might find that adding a repeater will also allow you to strengthen your wireless systems efficiency.

I didn’t know the wireless routers had various channels. Like a radio, the different signals can be improved by changing the channel on your computer. This will reduce the static between the router and your companies computer systems.

I have learned so much while researching for this article. I hope I have shed a little light the area of networking for small businesses. There is no doubt we depend on our computers so much it would difficult to conduct business if we lost the internet connection us to the world’s business market.

Source by Marc E Sylvester

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