New Angelina Jolie Movie Salt


So what happens to a movie when the main actor is no longer fit for the role? Well they just say goodbye to him or her and hello to the replacement. And for the Entertainment business there is nothing better than controversy and a great way to do that was with SALT, placing an actress like Angelina Jolie into a type of acting role previously dominated by the best looking men on the planet such as in previous mega spy movies, such as Bourne and mission Impossible with Tom Cruise the role of the highly intelligent and mysterious government worker who risks his life at a daily basis has always been more easily accepted as credible by the society as a whole.

Unfortunately for all the male actors out there their job has just started to get harder with the new generations of customers having been wholly raised in a world where gender discrimination is severely frowned upon, the ladies are starting the opportunity to rise to the occasion and show the world what they are really capable of which in some cases is way beyond the average buy who does not always have to work as hard and thus get a wee bit lazy.

Her new movie has just released a first trailer and poster and has already crowds of people talking about how they are so over Angelina playing the tough girl on the block capable of handling any situation, I would not mention where for publicity reasons, but fans and just your average person even go as far as to say she does not know how to act. So in a cloud of controversy and mystery as is so usual for the new actress of the upcoming super spy movie Salt, Jolie walks tall and proud representing the growing power of the modern-day woman.

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