New Australian Made Movie Wows Movie Goers


A new film made in Australia has recently been released, and is based on a very popular novel for teenagers. The Tomorrow when the War Began movie is based on a book of the same name by popular Australian novelist John Marsden and it has done very well in its first few weeks of release,

John Marsden, a teacher who now runs his own school in Victoria Australia, ended up writing books because he was concerned by the lack of interest his teenage students showed in reading.

He certainly turned that situation around once the first book in the series was released. In fact his book was so highly thought of that it became part of the English syllabus in Australian high schools and has turned a boy or girl who had no desire to read into an avid reader – at least when it comes to reading his series of the Tomorrow books.

Now the first book in the series has become a motion picture and teenage audiences have been flocking to see it. It’s the story of seven young adults who go camping in the Australian bush and return from their trip to find their homes abandoned and their families vanished.

They then head into town to try to find out what is going on and discover that their town had been invaded by a foreign army while they were away on their camping trip. The group do what they can to avoid capture by the enemy soldiers and decide to come up with a plan to stop the enemy’s stronghold on their town.

It is an action packed adventure movie that has you sitting on the edge of your seat in some scenes. The movie explores the way each character grows and develops under the harsh conditions they find themselves in, and looks at the fears each must face coming to terms with what has happened to their town and their families who are being held captive at the local showground. There are soldiers patrolling the streets so they have to be careful not to get captured themselves.

The movie was produced in Australia in some of the beautiful pristine wilderness areas of the Hunter Valley and Blue Mountain areas, and the action shots were filmed mainly at the Fox Studios in Sydney.

Source by Yvonne A Davis

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