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In everyday life, with children, long hours and piles of laundry, it may be difficult to find time to nurture friendships.

This is the basis for a new service that makes it possible to send small messages to friends. This will share the everyday experiences of those who are close to – without being actually close. The service called twitter.

The philosophy behind Twitter is that friendships based on mutual sharing of experiences and thoughts in the present and that relationship does not depend on how much that is shared. It is small talk that means something to maintain friendships.

I am taking a naked shower in a fountain

Twitter is an open channel for anyone who cares to read what you have to say, and it serves as a wonderful combination of SMS, messenger, and MySpace.

Twitter is personally communicated mass sharing of experiences, thoughts and feelings at the moment they arise. Messages can be send via a limited of 140 characters, so they can be passed as an sms.

The service is not intended to send lengthy descriptions but to tell what they are doing right now. You can send your friends a little quick message as “Now I am drinking a beer in Paris” or “I am taking a naked shower in a fountain.”

Twitter can be used from both mobile phones and computers, and it is possible to send to all persons associated with one’s profile at the same time.

The service can be updated by both the browser and mobile RSS reader, or instant messaging program, and recipients can also choose the platform they want to receive messages.

You feel alive

According to business newspaper, the Financial Times, is Twitter the hottest names in Silicon Valley, and the service is predicted to be a huge hit in line with YouTube and MySpace.

The Danish communications expert Henrik Byager agrees that the platform can become very powerful.

“It gives a Sense of closeness – we feel to be a part of each others lives – very important especially for younger users,” says Henrik Byager.

“Many long to be in contact with each other all the time and if the service is working properly, there is no doubt that many will take it to heart.”

“The constant exchange of feelings and experiences gives a feeling that users are alive.”

Basically the service is free and you can sign and free update via computer. If you wish to update via his mobile phone, you are nevertheless charged SMS rates. It is free to receive messages on all platforms.

Source by Mads Vangsoe

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