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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian is a sequel to Night At the Museum – where a night time security guard quickly finds out that the museum exhibits come to live at night because of a magical talbe that belongs to the Pharaoh Ahkmenrah. In part 2 – Battle of the Smithsonian the exhibits are behind moved to the Smithsonian storage to be replaced by electronic exhibits because of budget costs.

However, the tablet is somehow stolen and is was moved to the Smithsonian with all the other exhibits…that now come alive at night. This brings about a bunch of new characters including Amy Adams as Amelia Earhart, Hank Azaria as Paraoh Kahmunrah, and even Darth Vadar. As well as some of the original cast – Jedediah (Owen Wilson), Octavious, and Dexter (the monkey).

In this film – Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) heads to the Smithsonian after receiving a call from Jedediah that Pharaoh Kahmunrah brother to Pharaoh Ahkmenrah is alive and planning to take over the world. This leads them on a cat and mouse chase through all of the exhibits at the Smithsonian which makes for a great adventure for the youngsters that are watching the movie. Ben Stiller does the usual – throws in a couple good laughs and keeps the audience entertained and his cast does the same.

I can’t give it a “raving review” but I will say that this will be added to our DVD collection. I’ll pick up a copy of Night At The Museum because its a great family movie. Ben Stiller, Amy Adams, Owen Wilson, and Robin Williams did a great job capturing the imaginations of children and entertaining them throughout the movie. I know my son loved the movie and is looking forward to seeing it again. I’m sure it’ll be a great stocking stuffer for any ‘younster’ this holiday season.

Terminator Salvation is the fourth video in the Terminator Series and I think it should be their last. In this movie, the terminators are being made to look like humans (cyborgs). They can ‘get behind enemy lines’ and even think they are really human to do so. Marcus Wright (played by Sam Worthington) is one of the new cyborgs and accomplishes his goal of finding John Connor (played by Christian Bale) and revealing his location to Skynet without ever knowing it. He believes the entire time that he’s human fighting the resistance until he steps on a magnetized landmine and is revealed.

I don’t want to spoil the entire movie, but its just an all out “kill the machines” war. The storyline and emotion is lost throughout the movie and I can’t say that I’ll be adding this one to my DVD collection. I did enjoy seeing Christian Bale kicking butt in this movie, but I just didn’t enjoy the kill everything movie. I’d suggest you rent it, netflix it, or redbox it. Thats all for movies this week. Now tell me what you think! Which one did you buy and why?

Source by Justin C Brooke

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