New Star Trek Movie Collectibles


Star Trek Collectibles have become recognized as highly valuable and every true fan wants to get their hands on the original action figures and collectibles which are still in the original box. But since the release of the 2009 film some collectors are staying away from the new franchise completely when it comes to movie merch.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for any sci-fi fan an action figure that is in its’ original box can be the highlight of the year for your Trekkie. True fans are always looking for the most complete collection and half the fun is in the collectible action figures. Watching trek movies for the first time is always an experience best shared together.

When the original films came out and there were enough movies in the franchise, there was a special set of VHS versions of the films released when the boxes created a fantastic image of the U.S.S. Enterprise as it appears in the motion picture. These exciting collectibles became a staple in the franchise and the next generation brought about new formats for digital video.

Many die hard fans are not interested in the new collectibles and still want to hang on to their original television series Star Trek memorabilia. Some have not even seen the new picture. Sometimes people are afraid to have their classics messed with. The film is good and the new merchandise will likely appreciate in value over the next few years just as all the preceding film merchandise has.

Source by Ryan Edmunds

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