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According to a document, Michael Jackson wore a prosthetic nose. The prosthetic nose was noted as missing from his face as the body lay in a morgue located in Los Angeles, California.

A small, dark hole surrounded by bits of cartilage was left behind according to eye witness accounts who saw the body of the King of Pop while it lay on the autopsy table. The prosthetic nose was worn by Michael Jackson because he was very shy about his appearance, masking the effects of an abundance of plastic surgeries.

Several claim Michael Jackson went through way too many nose-job sessions, & the public might be right according to many plastic surgeons. The nose appears to have collapsed considerably more than it ever should have over time, although it is said to be consistent with the wearing of surgical masks in recent times.

Plenty of plastic surgeons say it is dangerous to go back & do work on Michael Jackson’s nose, & that they would be hard pressed to find a plastic surgeon for the next round.

It’s been noted by many surgeons that with each nose job a person goes through, the blood circulation to the area decreases & the risks of infection & scarring increase. It was widely believed that he had finally accepted his nose for the way it was, considering each surgery increased risks it was probably in his best interest.

Most people who go through plastic surgery for nose jobs don’t have the results looking like Michael Jackson, but it is estimated to have consisted of at least 5 jobs & there had to be some form of complications during each surgery.

Plastic surgeons who have studied photos say there may have been more like 30 or 40 surgeries performed.

When the entertainer was ordered to remove the surgical mask in a court room session, the appearance caused a stir & prompted several gasps from the audience & fans who were present that day.

The objective Michael Jackson had was to alter his flat, broad African-American nose in to more of a Caucasian nose. If credit was to be given to Michael for plastic surgery success, it was to serve as a warning for all of us–not to go far in plastic surgery!

The final surgery Michael Jackson had for his nose was done by a surgeon from Germany who agreed to repair the current nose. The surgery was done by taking part of the ear to place inside the nose, & the surgeon said it was fine after the operation but was close to collapsing after having twenty years of plastic surgery.

Source by Alan Riggs

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