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Nextel cell phones are some of the best in the cell phone market. At a modest price, cell phone users can not only call their friends and family, but they can also surf the web, play games and on some models even use Microsoft Word or Excel. Well, thanks to modern   technology  another feature has been added. It is called Nextel GPS. This article will explain both what Nextel GPS is and why a Nextel cell phone user should consider buying it.

As the name indicates, Nextel GPS utilizes what is known as GPS or Global Positioning Satellite  technology . GPS  technology  uses GPS receivers to communicate with 27 satellites that hover over the Earth in space. This communication is one-way, since GPS receivers only receive, not transmit information. The process that it uses to receive information is through trilateration, a series of specialized mathematical formulas. These formulas determine where a satellite is based on its location in a set of imaginary spheres. The intersection of these spheres helps the GPS receiver ‘know’ where it is currently located. In the case of Nextel GPS the phone itself acts as a GPS receiver.

Phones that utilize Nextel GPS  technology  allow the cell phone user to be able to always know where their phone is. If a cell phone gets lost, the cell phone user can simply logon to Nextel’s website and track where the phone is. Once they obtain this information, they can take the necessary steps to retrieve the cell phone, whether it’s going to the location where the phone is or reporting a stolen cell phone to the police. Since Nextel GPS doesn’t work if the cell phone is turned off or runs out of battery power, it is important to take the necessary steps for retrieval as soon as it is discovered the cell phone is missing.

Another benefit available through Nextel GPS is the ability to read directions on the phone. This direction system works just like Mapquest, only better. Unlike Mapquest Nextel GPS can provide a different set of directions if it ‘senses’ a cell phone user has gone the wrong way. Nextel GPS also allows the cell phone user to read maps right on their phone.

To take advantage of Nextel GPS, one will have to purchase a Nextel GPS-enabled phone. Nextel GPS phones are slightly more bulky than the regular cell phone models, but this is only because a bigger phone is needed to accommodate for the GPS  technology . The costs of the Nextel GPS phone will vary depending upon the unit. If one searches they can see that prices can be as low as $10 to as high as $329. Nextel GPS phones that are more expensive tend to have more features typical of cell phones, including voice-activated menus, cameras, Bluetooth  technology  and colorized graphics.

In conclusion, Nextel GPS, a revolution among Nextel cell phones, is the perfect choice for cell phone users who want to be able to track their phone and have the ability to obtain directions at any time. The Nextel GPS cell phone allows one to have all the power of a GPS unit without the cost.

Source by Jim Kesel

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