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The gaming consoles are considered as the “latest” wonders in the domain of advanced technology. These consoles are very much popular among avid players, teenagers,   tech-savvy  users and children as well. There are many gaming consoles in the market. The Nintendo Wii for instance, since its launch in 2006, has given a tough competition to other existing gaming consoles from various top brands. Some other well known gaming consoles are Sony PlayStation 3 from the Sony entertainment and Xbox360 from the lineage of Microsoft. The latest Nintendo Wii is advanced version of Nintendo Game Cube. This advanced version offers some highly capable features such as intuitive control and impressive graphical capabilities. This device looks resembles more like a TV remote than a game pad to control the gaming functions.

This home video game console belongs to the fifth generation of Nintendo. With some of the advanced features, the Wii targets a broader demographic more so when compared to other existing gaming console. The main and attractive features that make it stand out in the crowd includes a wireless controller, a remote and a WiiConnect24.The Nintendo Wii is the smallest gaming console with the dimensions of 44 mm in width, 157 mm in height and 215.4 mm in thickness, when placed in the vertical orientation. It weighs only 1.2 Kg in total, which makes it the lightest console of the three major seventh generation gaming devices. This gaming console can be placed in either mode i.e. horizontal or vertical, according to one’s convenience.

The Wii Remote is key controller of this console. This controller is formed with a combination of built-in accelerometer and infra-red detection to sense the position in 3D space. The Nintendo Wii is designed in such a manner that users can easily control the gaming features and functions by using the physical gestures as well as built-in traditional buttons presses. As a matter of fact, this Wii Remote is connected with console with the help of wireless Bluetooth technology. This console can be connected with other compatible devices through a proprietary port, which is placed in base of the controller.In addition, an attachable wrist strap can be used to avoid unintentionally dropping or throwing of the Wii Remote. Therefore, it can be said that it provides stronger replacement for all other straps. The Wii Remote Jacket can be used for extra grip and protection.

The menu-operating interface in the Nintendo Wii is designed keeping the concept of television channels. Different channels are graphically displayed in a grid formation. One can navigate through different channels using the pointer capability of Wii remote. One can change the arrangement of the channels by holding down two button keys of the device. There are six main channels on the console namely- the Disc Channel, Mii Channel, Photo Channel, Wii Shop Channel, Forecast Channel and news Channel.The distinguishing feature Wiiconnect24 can be used to connect with other people on the internet. This gaming console device boasts 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and USB-to-Ethernet adapter, which helps to gain the high-speed while accessing the internet. Therefore, one can easily avail the benefits of Nintendo Wi-Fi connection services.

The users can send and receive the messages as well as get the latest updates over the internet, even in the standby mode. Apart from the high-speed internet connectivity, other features this console includes Virtual Console, WiiConnect24, Internet Channel, Check Mii Out Channel and lots more.Lat but not the least, this system helps to communicate and connect the users with other Wii systems via a self-generated wireless LAN. The Nintendo Wii is enriched with a massive storage capacity of 512 MB. Therefore,without worrying about the space, one can store various games, visuals and other data.

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