Nizoral AntiDandruff Shampoo, 7-Ounce Bottles


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What Causes Dandruff? P. ovale is a fungus found on every human head. Climate, heredity, diet, hormones and stress impact how your body reacts to it. For dandruff sufferers, the natural process of scalp-cell renewal is accelerated when fighting off P. ovale, causing dead cells to fall off faster. This is a leading cause of dandruff and all the symptoms that go with it – the flaking, scaling and itching. How Does NIZORAL A-D Work? Simply put, NIZORAL A-D kills the fungus that causes dandruff. Period. That’s because the ingredient called “ketoconazole” binds to the natural protein of your hair so it keeps working between shampoos with NIZORAL A-D. “Ketoconazole” keeps dandruff in check so you don’t have to keep checking your shoulders.Fights dandruff outbreaks
Thick, rich lather rinses clean
Blend of wheat protein and wheat germ oil
Use just twice a week
Contains the most-prescribed ingredient for dandruff

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