No Highway to Financial Freedom


Everyone dreams of financial freedom. A time where they can fire their hated boss, quit their life of drudgery and daily commute, and take a walk into the sunshine to breathe fresh air, listen to birds sing and the watching the wonders of nature. To go away to a world far away from bills and creditors. A world where everything you own is truly yours. A world away from repossessions and foreclosures.

There is no highway to financial freedom. A magical express road where you cruise to El Dorado in three months, by simply getting the right formula or joining the right scheme. In the journey to financial freedom, there are no short cuts. The road is rough and narrow and there are few that find it. The interesting thing about finding your way is that it is not hidden, only that folks are programmed to look at the wrong places, hence they cannot recognize it right under their noses. Common sense is hardly common

The path to financial freedom is simply by minding your business. Look inside yourself to find who you are, and what it is you really love doing. Everyone is on this planet for a purpose. Everyone has something to give, to leave this world better that the way he met it. Everyone has a gift. The key to financial freedom is to discover that gift, develop and hone it to the level of excellence, and start giving the gift. If you have the gift of singing, be the best you can be. Pay the price in training, learning, practicing till you are ready to take to the sky. Every gift and talent has within it the seed of financial freedom.

A start athlete is not made overnight. Winning the Olympic gold medal or a world record does not happen instantaneously. It takes long lonely hours of running and training, often when the rest of the world is asleep in the comfort of their beds. The road to financial freedom is a lonely road. A star athlete practices and trains in obscurity. A day’s race can take up to four years of training. The victory is won in private before it is replicated in the glare of the public and TV cameras. The challenge is the willingness and bull dog tenacity to train in the backwaters of obscurity when your name does not ring a bell. To keep going when progress is not apparent. It is a tough process that is why few will ever make it to the finish line. Few will ever make it to the finish line because only few are willing to pay the price.

What is your talent and inborn abilities? What are you good at? What would you rather do if you have the choice of getting paid while you have fun doing what you love?

That is your raw material for financial freedom and greatness.

Financial freedom is not about having excess money to be able to fulfill all your desires. You can have all the money you desire, and still be in captivity, trapped in the rat race. Financial freedom is about freedom to be who you were born to be.

Are you willing to pay the price and go through the process no matter how long it takes and how tough it gets? Are you willing to become a star in your natural field of endeavor?

If you are willing to make the journey, if you are willing to pay the price, if you are willing to stick with it to the end, no matter the setbacks you encounter along the way, you have found your path to financial freedom. You are in for one of the most exciting expedition of your life.

Source by Usiere Uko

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