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Numis Network is one of the newest mlm companies to hit the seen and maybe, just maybe one of the freshest I have ever seen. Rolling out the red carpet and opening its doors officially in August of 2009 The convergence of Numismatic coins and MLM is only about 8 months old from the time this article was written, this means what we like to call in the industry as Ground floor opportunity. Now before you go head first and jump into the gold and silver numismatic coin pool let me give you a brief review including some facts and opinions about the company.

The Company

Numis Network, based Out of Tampa Florida is pioneering the sale of graded, silver and gold numismatic coins through the MLM network marketing industry. The company was founded by 3 people President and CEO Ian Cordell, Founder and EVP Christopher Kent, Founder and EVP Jake Kevorkian and last but not least expert, Numismatist and celebrity Mike Mezack. One of the most interesting facts I noticed is that Ian and Christopher established a company called IDSTC. International Direct Selling Technology Corporation has become the premier provider of software and technology services for the entire direct selling industry, including the design of replicated websites, back offices, and compensation plans for the Industry. These guys Know what they are doing. Their Vision is simple, to become the largest retailer in the world of precious metal coins by creating a brand new industry category powered by a network of distributors.

The Product

Gold and Silver Anyone? I think what caught my attention the most was the product. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is that they were in a Network Marketing company, they quit and ended up with a garage full of product that know body wanted. Could you imagine failing at your business and ending up with a garage full of gold and silver? It almost makes to much sense. As a ICR or Independent Collector Rep your product is what they call the coin of the month club. As a Numis Network ICR you are not required to join the coin of the month club to earn profits; however if you want to earn the binary volume payouts and some of the other bonuses you must maintain 60 bv, and the easiest way to do that is to join the coin of the month club which is $99 dollars a month and is usually the most popular and collected coin The MS70 ANACS Certified American Silver Eagle Coin. You get 1 coin per month for $99.00 plus shipping and Tax. The Coins currently retail for about $125.00 dollars or higher.

The Price

Currently their are 2 enrollment options, the $75 dollar basic option and a $495 dollar Executive option. You can still earn revenue with the basic option; however you must reach the executive level to earn all income streams, see the corporate website for full requirements. I am going to talk about the Executive Option which seems to be the most popular. $495 gets you 3 websites including your corporate, shop Numis and Numis 1 which is a lead capture page fully integrated with an extremely professional email auto responder system called bbs. You will receive a professional starter kit with printed sales aids, a silver locking graded coin case, your first MS70graded silver American eagle coin and coins are cool educational videos.

Conclusion and marketing tips

Numis Network is the real deal and is not a scam by any means, that being said they are a new company and until they are in business for 3 or more years their are going to be concerns, compliments of the fly by night companies in the past. You need to understand that network marketing and mlm companies are an income stream and nothing more. Sure you want to have passion and promote your company but if you want true long term success you need to brand yourself first. This is one of the biggest secrets in any industry, self branding, You Incorporated. When you brand yourself and use network marketing or mlm as a income stream it doesn’t matter if the company flops, just move to another one and most people will follow you because people join people not companies. So here is the secret to long term success…

  • Build a list
  • Build a relationship with that list
  • Monetize and Market to that list
  • Weed out the tire kickers
  • Sign up New Distributors

In closing just remember their are people searching for what you have, you don’t have to go out searching for them. People are looking for leaders not opportunity’s so it doesn’t matter if you join Numis Network or Tupperware people will follow you if you give them value, teach them how to drill the hole and they will buy the drill from you.

Source by Mike Fuller

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