Ode to Art


Why would anybody buy  art  from my  art  gallery? Out of charity reasons? Charity is not a very popular word in the current realm of crisis. Who needs  art  anyway? The snobs? Maybe the snobs. I think that that there is a common tendency to lose the faith in the rapidly depreciating high tech toys like plasma TV, iPhones, youPhones and other half hazarldy built toys.

 Art  and  Art  Galleries is what can provide a status symbol these days. Imagine having guests at your newly renovated most modern apartment. There is no TV. You don’t even have a stereo system. All you have is an old gramophone and a collection of records. This is double WOW. Guests are nervously swallowing their saliva in powerless envy. How brave. How original. You stand there in the spot light of fame.

The walls of your rebellious home are decorated with modern  art . I do not mean those painting bought at tourists squares in Paris and other pop cities. I am talking authentic, natural  art  works collected by the means of internet research.

Your walls are decorated by brilliant artworks of artists from badly suffered Eastern Europe. Well, if you want a good painting you need to find an artist with a bleeding heart. I think that the true artist is the one who suffers the most. Hey. Try to find the suffering ones in North America. They would sing a poem of a cold burger or better yet, they would paint in oil the sadness of a cold burger. This is not going to make you stand out. Your home must become an  art  gallery. A gallery of deep revelations and the pain the must go with them. Knowledge, love and pain are all related. They are all from the same family. They are Siamese triplets.

You collect  art . The old record is playing the forgotten tune. The fireplace emanates the deep odor of burnt wood. The semi dark apartment with most original paintings highlighted in the fashionably selected lights make you proud and victorious.

‘I ran my own  art  gallery’ you say casually and look in the mirror. This is a very pleasant thing to say. You repeat louder: ‘I ran my own  art  gallery’. I like to buy  art  and sell  art . It makes me feel important.

Let’s put all the sarcasm aside. These are the days when we start doubting the value of overpriced techno toys the return to  art  is not the answer but a clue. We need clues as the old world model is shattering.  Art  galleries will prevail. Those who buy  art  and sell  art  will too.

Source by Eli Muneca

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