Off Grid Living – Is it Possible?


More and more people are finding that you can still live a modern life while enjoying the independence and economy of off grid living. What is “off the grid?” It means no power lines, no electric bills, and being free of utility companies’ demands, not to mention their ever-rising rates. It is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and if you own a home it is an option available to you right now.

Off grid living can be accomplished nearly anywhere in the world. Even those currently tied to a utility grid can have access. Solar panels, water-power and windmills are the main sources of home power, leading to a growing development of this type of living, and breaking free from electricity created by fossil fuel burning power plants. Technologies in the home power field have advanced because of growing demand, and the costs are now becoming substantially less now than before.

Even do-it-yourselfers can get into off grid living. There are kits, resources and manuals available for people like you and me. As energy demands increase globally, you can rest easy going off grid knowing that your energy costs are falling and your supply can be stable.

Even thinking of off grid living can be scary to some people. Who wants to give up “easy living with electricity” and live without electronic gadgetry to get free from old Mr. Utility? Not true, and you don’t have to. Off grid living just leads to moderating your use of electricity — like turning off lights that are not really in use — Purchasing appliances that have “sleep modes” when not in use (like clocks on microwaves and stoves) — Learning to unplug, not just turn off.

All of those electronics with the constant little green light always on steal precious energy which adds up on your bill. This new form living adventure doesn’t mean giving up everything. It just means getting smarter about what you do have and how to use it.

High efficiency homes are being produced to meet the growing popularity of off grid living. Laid out like mobile homes and travel travelers and designed for one or two people, these homes use solar power, passive solar design and a small amount of natural gas to provide efficient living that moves with you. If you are interested in off grid living, but need more proof — research the Internet. Great resources are available and great success stories tell of individuals who took the plunge.

Think back to the last blackout – searching for candles in the dark, stumbling around, then going to bed because you can’t see to do anything. Then imagine inviting the neighbors over to watch their favorite shows during the next blackout. Off grid living is obtainable for anyone and you too can enjoy this life no matter where you make your home.

Source by Gary Cogley

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