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Online Business English training offers managers of all levels, the tools and resources to compete in today’s global business market. There are several types of courses and programs available online. Basic courses can include downloaded audio files with traditionally styled vocabulary and testing components. Their online references include dictionaries and literal translations of commonly used words. More advanced courses include pre-recorded streaming video presentations and live course interactions via WebEx and Skype, as well as email and telephone conversations with their instructor. Regardless of the type of course, most programs include a social network that encourages students to compare notes and provide support.

Corporations with offices, factories and call centers located in different regions of the world frequently purchase online Business English training for their employees. These programs are client-centered and interactive. Session times are flexible. Based on client needs, there may be small classroom-style discussions with the online instructor. Learning English from the comfort of home may also be an option. Programs frequently begin with the language basics of verb tenses, grammar and vocabulary. However, this is not always necessary. If the students have a basis in English already, that becomes the baseline for their portion of the program.

Online Business English training courses vary in the services they provide. Some companies specialize in written business communication. This includes learning to properly compose emails, proposals and presentations. Other firms emphasize the spoken word, focusing on formal grammar usage and business conversations. Whatever the focus, students learn to propose a plan, ask direct questions, express strong opinions and disagree with coworkers. The overall goals are to improve fluency and confidence of the student in a professional environment. They can be intensive and focused on a specific skill or business sector. For companies beginning to consider online training, broad based, business courses are also available.

Globalization has affected many business sectors and online Business English training courses are ready to meet their needs. Specialized course topics include Finance, Human Resources, Insurance, and Marketing. Communication courses cover negotiation skills, meeting management, sales and persuasion skills, and giving clear information or instructions. Benefits of online training include flexible class times, studying with native English speakers, and lessons that are adjusted to meet personal needs and interests. Immediate feedback from the instructor helps students focus on areas of weakness, increasing the learning curve.

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