Online Entertainment Auction Sites – How Do They Work?


So you need a certain product, but don’t want to pay full price? Are you looking for something new to do online? Online entertainment auction sites may become your new hobby. Getting started can be exciting because there are so many things you can bid on and score awesome deals with! Finding those holiday gifts will become so easy, you’ll never stress out about it again. So how do you start, how does it work, and what do you need? Read on to find out!

The first step to becoming a bidder on any online auction site is to sign up and follow the confirmation email link to activate your account. Once in, you are ready to buy your bids. Bids will usually be around the price range of $0.60 per bid, and sometimes come in big packages for greater discounts. Now that you are signed up and have buckets full of bids, you’re all ready to go!

Next, you will choose the products that you wish to bid on. Online auction sites organize their products in categories, and pretty much have almost anything you are looking for. Browse through the list of products available for auctions ranging from electronics to gift cards, and start to plan your bidding strategy. The amount of times you can bid depends on the amount of bids you bought and have left in your account. Every time you press the “bid” button, 1 bid will be deducted from your bundle and time will be added to the clock. This allows other users to bid and keep the auction going until the very last bid is sent and the time runs out. To increase your chances of becoming a winner, watch the actions of the other bidders and find patterns you can break in their bidding strategy.

The next step? Well you win, walk away, or buy now! If you are the last bidder when the timer has reached zero, you are the winner! If someone has outbid your last bid, and you don’t wish to go any higher before the timer is out, you lose. However, you can still walk away with the product. If you wish to buy the product for its original value, you have the option to “buy now” anytime after you have placed your first bid on the product. The dollar amount of your bids is added up, and subtracted from the original product price to give you a buy now value. You will never pay higher than the market value price for a product on an online auction site.

Online auction sites can be a lot of fun and really exciting when you score those awesome deals! If you are busy and don’t have time to sit at the computer all day, there are various tools that are designed to help you. They act as an autopilot and place bids for you when you are away from the computer. You can set certain customization to the tool to bid the exact way you would be if you were sitting there. This allows you to go about your daily chores, and still score amazing deals with barely any work put into it! Who would of thought?

There have been many successful bidders that are determined to keep going. One enthusiastic bidder says, “By bidding on items that my family picks out ahead of time I am able to get big ticket items for them and be a hero to my grandsons. It is so easy to win the best items and it is very invigorating. I have won 3 TVs, coffee/espresso machines, gift cards, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, and many other items.” Another bidder says, “Not only have I provided electronics for my family, we also are enjoying updated appliances that we would never had otherwise! I can’t wait to prepare holiday meals this year.” As we can see, many people enjoy the activity of online auction sites. So if you have some free time, and want to try holiday gift shopping, or just regular shopping online in your cozy pajamas without leaving the house, give online auction sites a try.

Source by Sarah Simmons

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