Online Freelancer Jobs – What to Look at When Bidding on Freelancing Jobsites


A very interesting way to make money from home is by accepting and accomplishing online freelancer jobs. There are several websites that have good opportunities here, such as Freelancer, Scriptlance, oDesk, PeoplePerHour,   Guru  and eLance to name a few. The principle of all these online freelancer jobsites is mostly the same-you get project notifications, then you bid for them if you are interested and if the employers are interested, they get in touch with you. There may be negotiations and some general discussion before any project poster decides they want to accept your bid. Once that happens, you can start work and get paid as decided upon.

However, though this seems so limpidly clear, there are many people who are cheated through these online freelancer jobsites. In most cases, it is because they did something wrong while placing their bid.

Hence, the success of your online freelancing tasks depends on the kind of bid you place. You have to be very meticulous here. Here are some things that you have to keep in mind while bidding.

1. Do not bid on each and every project that comes your way. Most online freelancing jobsites give their members a selected number of bids per month. So, you have to use your bids wisely.

2. Always makes sure to read the project instructions in full. Do not just look at the title and assume that you have understood everything.

3. The task must seem like something you can do. If there is even one aspect in the project description that you cannot accomplish, you should give it a pass and wait for something better to come your way. Remember that these project posters can rate and review you. So, if you cannot do a good job, you may get a bad rating and that can affect your future prospects on the website.

4. Apart from looking at the project description, you should also look at the budget of the project poster. Do you think this is a reasonable budget? Is what you are hoping to get within this range? If the money is not good, don’t bid.

5. Look at the deadline also. Most project posters will tell when they want their jobs to be submitted by. You have to make sure you have the time to work and that you can finish the project within the stipulated timeframe.

6. Look also at the reviews that the employer has got. See what other people are saying. Are they complaining about insufficient instructions, poor communication, rude behavior, delay in payment, etc.? These are things you have to be very careful about.

7. How comfortable are you with the whole thing? You need to be completely satisfied. If there is something you wish to know more about, you can post a message for the employer in a clarification board.

If everything is well and as per your liking, then you can go ahead and bid. Best of luck!

Source by Neil D’Silva

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