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College is undoubtedly one of the best phases of anybody’s life with plenty of freedom and very little responsibility. A tiny percentage of student’s are well looked after financially by parents, while most struggle to get by. Increasingly, students leave college in considerable debt in the form of loans which they have had to take out in order to pay their way. Many do not consider that there are options to create money whilst studying at college, without necessarily having to work a lot of hours. Most students will tell you that the only way they can earn money is to get part-time work, which can detract from their studies and their social lives. This, do not forget, is a big part of student life and something which many would regret missing out on in order to work. So what are the alternatives? Is it possible to make money without a tiring part-time job? The internet has ensured that there are indeed ways to make money other than by hard work for an employer. When you consider the vast array of bills that today’s students face, from books, tuition fees and accommodation to everyday living expenses like food and transport, how much of a help would a more self-sufficient means of creating an income be?

The internet has enabled those with the correct know-how to make good money while sitting at home. This is the perfect solution for a student. Most modern student’s do have internet access and also the intelligence to learn the basic skills needed to profit from this sort of activity. Below are some of the most popular and effective ways to make money for college studies. I have included some ideas which do not involve the internet for those who would rather try other things.

1. Short-Term Work On Campus

If you want to make some good money, then you can approach your campus recruitment wing. Numerous jobs are available in various departments of the campus, which require no prior experience or qualifications. You could find work in the admission wing to assist staff with the online admission process. You may also be asked to update the college website or write newsletters for students. You can also find work in the library, maintaining online records of books issued. These jobs are often enough to cover your tuition, books and some other living expenses.

2. Dispose Off Your Old Stuff

In order to make good money quickly, you could dispose of your old and unwanted stuff. You can sell your old gaming DVDs, music and movie collection, old books and novels, gadgets and any other stuff which is of no use now. All these items can fetch good money online. You can make use of the online shopping websites in order to sell your stuff fairly easily.

3. Donate Sperm

This is one of the most modern forms of activity that can be used in order to earn good money. You can search online for any sperm bank in your locality and then apply to donate. After a series of blood tests, and general health checks come back clear, you can begin to donate. You can receive 50 dollars for a single donation and are allowed to donate twice in a week.

I hope these ideas have inspired you and given you hope that you can indeed pay your way through college, even without massive parental help. The key is to be open to many suggestions, until you come across one that suits your circumstances and personality.

Source by Robin James Hutton

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