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Entrepreneurs who are thinking about opening a merchant account might want to open an American Express merchant account. This financial giant provides top quality account services at competitive prices, so is there any reason to go elsewhere? American Express is a widely recognized name with a reputation you can trust. You don’t have to worry about shady dealings or going broke overnight. Instead, this merchant account will let you rest easy and reap profits, knowing that your company is in good hands. Simply visit the American Express merchant account Website, and click on the link that takes you to the application screen. In a matter of minutes you can be ready to apply for credit processing.

With an American Express merchant account, you can enjoy all the benefits of full entrepreneurship. Learn how to accept credit payments via a credit processor at your company’s store. Or you may be more interested in a wireless process for sales on the go when you deliver goods and services to customers at residential or business locations. Many business owners are choosing to implement a telephone credit payment system so that customers can simply dial a toll-free number and receive automated guidance through a series of steps that will allow them to shop and purchase by keying in numbers and letters at the telephone receiver. Your American Express merchant account agent can tell you about other options as well, like providing Internet Website credit payment services so you can sell day and night without hiring a single employee to manage “the store” that you create online at your Website. Imagine how much overhead you can save by selling in cyberspace while hardly lifting a finger! Customers will come to you from every time zone and various regions, eagerly offering credit payment to buy your goods and services.

An American Express merchant account, called “the Card,” does not require an online application fee, an annual fee, or monthly minimums. In fact, American express card members pay a single price. Compared to other merchant services cards, you may be surprised at how affordable this provider can be, especially given the fact that American Express is recognized and valued the world over. One client claimed company revenues increased by 50% after he began accepting the American Express credit option. Such claims are not uncommon from business owners who activate merchant accounts and begin accepting credit payments in addition to or in lieu of cash and checks.

Whether you want customers to pay by credit via the traditional terminal, telephone, or Website, an American Express merchant account has professional support standing by to give you a helping hand. In no time at all you can be approved for a merchant account and start accepting credit payments via any of these options or a combination thereof. You will enjoy the prestige of partnering with a world-renowned   financial  institution, and you will appreciate the benefits of an American  express  merchant account.

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