OraMD 7-pack – Dentist Recommended Worldwide 100% Pure Oral Care for Swollen Gums Red Gums


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Win the battle over the bad bacteria that cause your swollen gums and/or red gums, by combining OraMD with the simple 4 Step Oral Hygiene Program (included). Simply use it daily as a liquid toothpaste, mouth rinse, and breath freshener, to launch an all-out assault on the true culprit behind swollen or red gums: bacteria. You’ll save money, and can potentially avoid painful, expensive surgeries and procedures down the road by promoting your oral health today. OraMD’s 100% Pure Potency Formula has no additives and no side effects. It fights plaque, tartar and cavities. OraMD was scientifically designed to have the highest potency against bad oral bacteria. A recent University of Kentucky study showed the ingredients in OraMD have “effective antibacterial activity against Gram positive and Gram negative oral bacteria”. These are the bacteria that cause symptoms such as swollen gums and red gums, along with conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis, also known as gum disease. Dentists all over the world recommend OraMD for its antibacterial properties and effectiveness. Dr. Tom McGuire, best-selling author and the world’s leading authority on preventive dentistry, recommends OraMD to anyone who cares about their oral health: “As a leading authority on dental wellness, I can assure you, that if you use OraMD and follow the oral hygiene program, you’ll see significant improvements in your oral health.” Here is what other dentists are saying about OraMD: “I highly recommend OraMD” -Dr. Paul Rubin, Seattle, WA “My patients love it.” -Dr. Euan Mackie, West Vancouver, British Columbia, CAN “This is a welcomed and much needed product.” -Dr. Nina Foley, Franklin, TN OraMD is manufactured daily by Trusted Health Products in Lexington, KY, USA. We ship orders worldwide, five days per week, Monday through Friday. One Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee.The World’s Only 100% Pure Oral Hygiene Product for Superior Gum Health
Anti-bacterial formulation kills the bacteria that cause Swollen Gums and Red Gums
3 in 1 product may be used as a liquid toothpaste, mouth rinse, and breath freshener
Fluoride Free / SLS Free. 100% natural ingredients. No synthetics, preservatives, or additives.
Made in USA, Ships Worldwide. Live chat and phone support. One Year, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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