Oregano Oil – 2 oz Bottle – 100% pure certified organic Oregano Oil from CAOH®


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CAOH® certified Organic Oregano Oil has an immediate impact on acute germ infiltration and has been used as a natural, topical antibiotic for centuries. It is safe to use daily or as needed for a fast immune boost. Carvarcol is the active component in Oregano Oil. Our pure organic oregano oil is standardized to a Carvarcol content of 69% without artificial additives – which makes it the most naturally potent available. Higher amounts would require artificial boosting – thus claims of natural Carvarcol above 69% are misleading. Quality Control: Produced in a USA FDA registered laboratory that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Procedures) and is Certified Organic. Each batch is third party tested to verify potency and safety.2 oz Bottle
100% Certified Organic – Why is this important? Because it insures you actually get real Oregano!
100% Pure Oregano Oil – No additives, added oils or preservatives!
Cold Pressed/Unrefined/Virgin/Verified Organic/Non GMO
Beware of the competition! If it does not have the organic seal – it is not certified organic.

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