Original Canon Ink Cartridges


Canon original equipment manufacturer ink cartridges (OEM) for short are far better cartridges to use in your Canon printer than any other cloned or re-manufactured Canon Ink cartridges made to work with your Canon ink printer.

This statement applies to other cartridges by different manufacturers too. Most replacement cartridges may cause much damage on the sensitive interior of one’s inkjet printer and is not merely a problem with seepage as many might believe but instead using the printer ink itself.

It can be a common misconception that most printer ink is the same. That is basically incorrect. A lot of individuals who have experimented with cheap ink refill products or perhaps the cloned ink cartridges in the marketplace have found this reality for themselves. They fail to work correctly.

All things considered, printer ink is liquid and a printing device is electronic. In the event the ink getting into the incorrect location in your inkjet printer it may be easily wrecked and since you attempted to make use of a cloned or re-manufactured ink cartridge your printer will not be protected by the manufacturer warranty.

With the Canon original ink cartridges you get superior ink quality, formulated, tried and tested by Canon themselves and designed to work with the electronics that make up your printer.

Photographs will be enhanced by using the original Canon inks and images printed will be crystal clear and high quality. The ink jets on a Canon printer are designed to take the very small droplets of Canon ink, normally around one micron in size, most of the compatible or re-manufactured cartridges use thicker ink droplets that can easily end up clogging your Canon printer and causing untold damage.

If you do decide to use re-manufactured or cloned cartridges in your Canon printer in the future after reading all the information above, please do some background checks on the company you will be using, looking on the internet for advice in printer related forums or blog posts.

You will find that if anyone has had a bad experience with a particular manufacturers cloned or re-manufactured cartridge, the internet is just the place where people will talk about it. Do your homework before purchasing or perhaps if you must, buy just one single cartridge to test it, making sure that you have a quality picture from an original Canon Ink cartridge to test against for quality purposes.

Bad news always travels faster than good news.

Source by Mark S Davenport

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