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Original fine  art  prints are multiple impressions of the same image, created with the direct involvement of the artist or by a professional artisan under the supervision of the artist. They can be created digitally within a computer or made upon a plate, stone, wood block, or any other material. Etching, aquatint, monoprint, lithography, and collograph are some of the printing techniques used in making original prints.

Original fine  art  prints are personally approved and signed by the artist. Along with the artist’s signature, they should hold the edition number and the total number of  art  prints produced. Some original fine  art  prints contain information about the techniques and materials used in printing.

The Print Council of America has issued certain guidelines necessary for a print to qualify as an original print. The guidelines demand that the master image on the stone or any other material should be created by the artist. They also require that the  art  print, if not printed by the artist, should be hand-printed by a professional artisan under the direct supervision of the artist. Moreover, they stress the importance of signature by the artist in the print. The guidelines also demand that once the edition is completed, the master image should be destroyed so as to prevent using it again.

Framing original fine  art  prints with archival-quality materials is a great way to display the original. Besides presenting an artwork, framed original fine  art  prints protect and preserve the  art  print for future generations.

Today, there are many websites offering a wide range of original fine  art  prints in excellent museum quality condition. A wide range of pricing options are available to meet all budget requirements. Original fine  art  prints based on different subjects like American life, animals, architecture, fantasy, humor, landscape, spirituality and religion, music, and world culture are available online. Creativegalleries.com is an online  art  gallery offering original fine  art  prints that are highly affordable.

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