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With the advent of the television and cable technology, the entire globe came under the eagle’s eye of the media. Catching every minute happening and broadcasting it to the general public, made the people closer and familiar to the current activities going on in the nation as well as the world. Various news channels have been playing a vital role in this context. Due to the entry of private news channels, the quality of information has taken a back seat. Primary focus is made on such news which can cause the people stick to the television for hours, thus giving an edge to their TRP. More or less, it has just become a means of   entertainment  rather than updating the people with the current national and international  news .

Obtrusive role of media under various critical situations has also tarnished its image. During crucial conditions of wars, rescue operations, various press correspondents can be seen hindering the operations by interviewing the commandos, soldiers and other recruited officials. Broadcasting all this information worldwide, most of the times gives an ease to the wrong groups like terrorists to know the current situation and plan accordingly. Such an interference of media sometimes results in delay of operations and sometimes makes them complex to accomplish.

Though pros associated with the media are many, but at the same time we cannot ignore the cons. Certain limits have to be set for these private news channels in order to improve the quality and relevancy of news they broadcast.  Entertainment  should be kept as subject aloof from the  news . Innumerable  entertainment  channels are serving for the same. During high alert situations, media should not interfere with the working of the officials. Government’s sincere concern is required regarding the implementation of some limits on media. Otherwise, media’s hegemony will continue surpassing all the limits and it will be difficult stop it later.

Source by Rohit Mian

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