Our Thoughts and Words Determine Our Future


Nine years ago, I was working in a local nursing home doing music therapy. At times I’d become aware of the physical distance between myself and the residents as I would play my keyboard or guitar for them. Sometimes I wondered if they felt uncomfortable when I towered over them as I played songs which were contemporary during their young years.

One afternoon, I was talking with a friend about this situation. I loudly expressed my opinion about activities personal being required to be in a wheelchair for at least one week so we could all relate to the residents at their level. I had no idea what was about to transpire in my life that would make this statement come true. About two weeks later, I was carving a turkey in preparation for a Christmas dinner when I fell and broke my leg.

Guess what? For the next three months, each time I was at the nursing home, I was in a wheelchair as I carried my keyboard on my lap! I remember thinking, “I said, one week, not three whole months.”

We all need to be careful about what we think, and especially what we say! Words and thoughts are powerful, especially if we think and talk in terms of enthusiasm and energy.

Choosing words of peace, harmony, love, and health is so important in the process of building a good life. Put on the armor of good, positive, prayerful thoughts and words. Dear readers, please feel free to share the prayerful thoughts and words that have worked for you.

Source by Barbara Altman

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