Overcoming Insomnia


~ A Holistic View ~

An increasing number of people are experiencing some level of difficulty with their sleep patterns. Some can go asleep but wake up after a short period and are unable to get back to sleep. Others just can’t seem to fall asleep at all. In fact everyone has on occasion been unable to sleep at some stage in their life. This can usually be attributed to anxiety or worry over an event that they or a family member have going on in their lives at the time. Periodic lack of sleep, can be “caught up on” and will not have any major impact on your health and wellbeing. However, persistent bouts of insomnia will negatively impact your general wellbeing and ability to function effectively in many areas of your life.

I believe there are many factors which are contributing to the rise in the number of people who are suffering from insomnia. Most of these factors are due to lifestyle patterns such as:

  • Working hours & practices
  • Competing demands on our time
  • Financial pressures
  • Couch Potato Syndrome
  • Changes in Family Dynamics

There are other factors which may be personal to your situation but those listed above are in my view some of the generic reasons which are significant in the current prevalence of insomnia in life for so many.

Working Hours & Practices

The 9-5 world of working is all but disappeared from our society with the introduction of “Flexi-Time Schemes” in most workplaces. While this is a positive step in many ways, it has also created an added pressure in some cases. For those who manage to work it to their advantage it’s a bonus when they have their extra day off per month. But for those who lose minutes here and there each day, there is a pressure exerted on them, as they see time working against them apparently every time they key in or out each day. This continuous focus on time is an added pressure psychologically which plays in the background of your mind.

There is also a growing expectancy on behalf of employers, that employees will be more flexible and stay back to work late more often. These factors can leave an individual feeling under pressure mentally which have a consequent negative effect going forward.

Competing Demands on our Time

“Not having the time” is the most used phrase I hear these days. No time to check in with friends, no time to meditate or attend a course or workshop etc. There is this perception of not having time to do what we want to do in our lives. Which is ironic, given that we have far more automated assistance with which to complete our tasks than our parents had. It is my experience, that people don’t take the time to evaluate “the demands” on their time, which leads to the perception of ‘not enough time’. If we took a moment to reflect, we would probably allocate more time to what we want rather than what we do now.

Financial pressures

Worrying over our degree of scarcity is one of the common reasons that keep us awake at night. While worry is a futile use of our valuable time, it can become repetitive and habitual. In truth, only action can bring change to any situation. There is always some change that we can make to alleviate the stress of this pressure. Staying awake at night is not a positive action.

Couch Potato Syndrome

So many of us can and have got caught like a rabbit in headlights with this one. The 42″ screen in the corner of every room has become the biggest time stripper in our lives. From the moment it’s turned on to when we finally turn it off, it hypnotises our attention. T.V. has many benefits but it can also rob us of time everyday. It can act as a ‘negative stimulant’ which leaves us tossing and turning after watching some scary programme etc.

Changes in Family Dynamics

Growing up it was the norm for children to leave home from the age of 18 on, most getting married in their early 20’s and buying their own home. Now, the dynamics are such that adult children are not leaving home or getting married in their 20’s etc. This is something new to this generation and it has an impact on everyone in the family. Change brings challenges and in this instance, it can be a source of concern and added worry for parents.

Whatever it is that keeps your mind active at night when you need to be resting, it can be addressed and improved. Becoming aware of the root cause of the issue is the first step, making the necessary adjustments in your life to ease the pressure is next. Then you can begin to relax more and get a restful sleep more often.

There are times when you need the assistance of an experienced guide who can help you to pinpoint a) the cause and b) the workable solutions in your particular situation. When you are in the middle of something, it can be hard to see the solution and this is when you need to seek the services of a good life coach who can give you perspective on the issues involved.

Yvonne has worked with clients for over twelve years now helping them to find practical solutions to everyday challenges in life. Her passion is to empower you to find the solutions that best fit your challenge.

Source by Yvonne B Clarke

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