Paperless Invoicing – Sustainable Technology to Achieve Your Objectives


There is so much we can do to save energy and reduce waste, even in business and the workplace – even if it is just simply switching off a monitor or sharing a car to work. However, there is a significant amount of waste of paper and other resources by companies who continue to use huge quantities of paper for their accounts payable and accounts receivable invoicing methods.

However, organisations can now implement a more efficient, sustainable  technology  that helps them save paper and other valuable resources whilst reducing carbon emissions and waste. Paperless invoicing is an exciting new development for financial processes, replacing the slow, inaccurate manual processes with a faster, more efficient electronic service that can be totally controlled online.

It isn’t just paper invoices that can be replaced however, E-Invoicing can revolutionise the entirety of the financial supply chain documents, including delivery notes, purchase orders, statements, remittances etc. Although this may sound like a drastic measure for your organisation, paperless invoicing works seamlessly alongside any existing invoicing systems and can also be used standalone or in conjunction with accounts payable software for an end-to-end online invoicing solution.

Paperless invoicing can save businesses as much as 57% per invoice on processing, offering instantaneous, accurate invoice delivery with faster dispute management and a reduced need for contact centre queries.

Electronic billing also allows for archiving of up to 10 years, saving time for members of staff and extensive resources that paper archives invariably take up. Account managers and finance staff have access to a real-time view of all receivables transactions that is accessible from any location 24-hours a day. Enjoy the full value of paperless invoicing and replace that wasteful ‘print-deliver-archive-dispose’ paper invoice cycle today.

Source by Hayley A Smith

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