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Internet has brought a gigantic tidal wave of information from all corners of the globe. Computer  technology  has developed a variety of computer applications to manage extensive information. These computer applications can transfer data from one system to another. This helps in effective coordination among the physically distant people. You can simultaneously coordinate your work procedure and share information or data with a number of people. Portable Document Format is one of such computer applications widely used by the people across the world. It is used to handle a variety of documents or several types of data.

With Portable Document Format, a person can prepare an online library. In this file format, you can save a vast amount of information and organize the data. Many commercial or non-commercial organizations and educational institutions require creating an online library. They can save useful documents of the past in this library. A person can have access to the data on any system through such a library. Users can also encrypt any confidential information or data on PDF files. One can store private data and transfer it to another user without any fear of losing content of the file. You can use digital signatures or passwords for security purpose. A person can also lock the files by using certificates. Another feature is that the Portable Document Format files can support multimedia content in the documents. You can make use of graphics, images, audio or video files for preparing reports, presentations and other such documents.

These graphics or multimedia content can make the presentation of the document attractive. The multimedia content also explains the content well as it adds an interactive feature to the document. You can present vast amount of information by creating manageable documents. The conversion ability of the PDF document enables the user to convert a file from one format to another. For instance, in order to edit PDF documents you can convert PDF to word or any other editable file format. After making necessary changes, one can convert the file back to the original format. Businesses use this file format for creating e-Books, technical manuals, HR manuals, research papers, contracts, newsletters, press releases and much more.

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