Pebbles & Bamm Bamm Costumes


If you mention Fred Flintstone, people will think about the cartoon. Who doesn’t know about Fred Flintstone, the clumsy, accident-prone but well-love patriarch figure of a family set in the stone age? Then you have the motherly matriarch figure in the form of Wilma Flintstone, who is a beautiful red-head with those unmissable over-sized pearl necklace around her neck. If you ever fancy recreating the plush stone or pearl-looking necklace, it can be shaped out of light plastic or styrofoam. The Flintstones’ famous neighbours include Barney and Betty Rubble but when it comes to children characters, who would forget the adorable Pebbles and mischievous Bam Bam?

Pebbles is a girl and Bamm Bamm a boy so this is perfect when it comes to finding a Flintstone costume that suits younger girls and boys. Bamm Bamm is essentially Pebbles’ best friend. Both of them went on many adventures together from when they were toddlers to when they become adults. Both characters have quite different personalities. Pebbles is normally well-behaved and basically an overall sweet little girl who giggles a lot while Bamm Bamm is on the other side of the scale with his almost uncontrollable ball of energy and mighty strength! Bamm Bamm shouts a lot and incessantly bangs his caveman club that even adults find it hard to handle sometimes.

Yet with such drastic difference between the personalities of Pebbles and Bamm Bamm, both of them still managed to form a very unique and special bond which saw their friendship last well into their adulthood. Pebbles has always been one of the favourite child costumes picked by children to go trick and treating over the Halloween holidays. It all adds to the cute factor for your little girl!

In many ways, due to the pre-historic nature of Pebbles’ character, her costume is so much more unique and eye-catching. A lot of Pebbles’ accessories based around her vibrant red hair that is gorgeously held together by a piece of bone. Obviously Pebbles inherited her beautiful red hair from her famous mother, Wilma Flintstone. On the other hand, if you fancy dressing your little boy up as Bedrock’s most famous and strongest cave boy, Bamm Bamm is your perfect choice!

Bamm Bamm distinct features include his bright blonde hair, his oversized caveman club and he is always wearing leopard print shorts and a hat. As there are so many choices out there, shop around for the best Pebbles and Bam Bam costumes. Take your time. Bear in mind if your child needs to wear the costume over warmer months of the year, try buying the cotton and light costume variety to prevent overheating. Likewise, if you will be dressing up your little mite during the colder months such as during winter time, then it would be wise to go for the fleece variety which will keep your child warm as well as keeping the wind out.

There are many costume specialist shops who sell ready-made Pebbles and Bam Bam costumes with all the necessary accessories to make the overall look authentic or as close as possible to the cartoon characters themselves. If you are a confident tailor, there is no reason why you shouldn’t make all the costume additions and adjustments yourself – save a pretty penny too!

Source by Douglas T Adams

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