Peeping Through The Christmas Box


If wishes were horses beggars would surely ride without ending. But now that Christmas is drawing near and nearer, it is possible for you to have a master plan as to how you are going to celebrate it. Your plan must be very clear and simple and must be devoid of any financial burden. That is to say that, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you are inevitably going to experience the day.

From our earliest memories Christmas in the secular sense is a huge build-up of hopes and promises for all the answers to our wildest dreams and desires. Many children start out early in life with the fantasy figure of Santa Claus who will shower them with all the gifts and desires their little minds can conceive.

As we mature the fantasy is stripped away by reality and the mystery of all those secret gifts is revealed. The contents of those boxes may be what we asked for, but it may not be what we wished for. If we are being honest, with ourselves and with others, there comes a point in life where each of us comes face to face with the reality of not getting what we want for Christmas. Rather than greeting this moment with the ultimate in disappointment, it might benefit each and every one of us to respond to this life passage with a sigh of relief.

The solution to the age old problem of looking at the aftermath of Christmas Day and wondering, “Is that all there is?” is to stop looking outward for someone to supply that solution to the quintessential need within. If you didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas, it is more than a little likely that you did not give what was needed for Christmas. The old adage “It is better to give than to receive” must surely have found its birth on Christmas morning. The gift that each of us craves deep inside, whether we realize it and are ready to admit it or not, is the need to fulfill that Christmas desire for someone else.

The Christmas gift you want will not be found under your Christmas tree. It won’t be wrapped neatly in holly covered wrapping paper and tied with a silver ribbon. The Christmas spirit does not come in a box. If you are truly seeking the gift that will touch your soul this Christmas and make you realize the deeper spiritual meaning you are craving, you must reach outward. This year, if you don’ t want to contend with the disappoint that comes from not getting whatever it is you thought you wanted, give a gift from your heart and direct it somewhere where its need is most profound.

Volunteer your time at a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter or a home for battered women. Reach out to a neighbor who is alone or down on their luck and bring the spirit of Christmas into their lives by paying attention to them and bringing small gifts. Donate gifts to one of many organizations devoted to providing Christmas for those in need. Take your good spirit to hospitals, nursing homes or rehabilitation facilities and brighten the day of someone who is feeling the lose of not getting what they want for Christmas a lot more than you. Express your love and appreciation to your friends and family, not necessarily in the form of a gift, and let them know you are taking time out at this special time of the year to acknowledge the value they bring to your life.

It’s time to give up looking for someone else to provide us with the gift we’ve been waiting and hoping for all year long. That outlook is sure to end in despair. If you really hope to get what you want for Christmas, find someone whose need surpasses your own. When your heart fills with the warmth and joy of giving you will receive everything you need this Christmas. In other words, just keep on peeping through the Christmas box, and you will definitely find a perfect solution to your needs in this coming Christmas.

Source by Fred Kodzo Fianu

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