Personal Finance Series: No 3 – Why Wii Tastes Like Chicken


In Home Recreation: Gadget Heaven Caused Family Hell

It is often said that the breakdown of the family is in part caused by the decline in family mealtimes, that when the family ate together, they stayed together. However, the destruction of meal times came with the convenience of gadgets, and gadget heaven caused family hell.

The relentless onset of affordable technology for the home, created a situation where it became common to have a TV in every room, and all the diversions and distractions that came with each new gadget and appliance launched. This created the “shared house – shared nothing” syndrome as families came and went in their own bubbles at their own pace.

A far cry from the days of the Sunday Roast – Father carving the bronzed bird in front of a happy family gathering who all shared with each other the stories, arguments, and events of their day. The family bonds were strong, when they knew each other well, shared, laughed and connected with each other around the table. With the arrival of gadget heaven, sadly, many families stopped doing this. Regular shared communication between family members died.

Then along came the Wii, the Xbox, and PlayStation, which to the starving emotional family tastes just like a chicken dinner! Families now embraced technology in a shared activity which required cooperation and interaction. It turned the TV (which is still a solo experience even in a room full of other people) into the same hub that the dinner table used to be. Families now had an opportunity to engage in recreation as a family while in the family home.

In Home Recreation: Why It’s Exploding

The human mind must experience rest, relaxation and pleasurable activity in order to heal itself from daily stress, worry, and working too hard. It is very important to have fun, to play because this distraction from life events strengthens coping skills and eradicates depression.

Sitting down to dinner as a family used to be where the family learned and practices interpersonal skills, and intrapersonal skills, and where they refined their social and socialising skills. This is now being done in front of the Wii, and the other consoles, and family gaming is exploding as a profit focus for business and retailers alike.

In Home Recreation: Is it Worth it?

While shopping, the mind thinks quite impulsively about in home recreation which includes buying items relating to hobbies, toys, gadgets, clubs, website memberships,and people imagine very easily the fun they will extract from the purchase – which desensitises them to the price.

There is a pleasure in owning things, or the anticipated enjoyment in using them which allows vendors to charge a higher price – and correspondingly this places a bigger burden on the personal finance budget.

To prevent ‘buyers remorse’ where people regret a purchase when they think about it later – it is good to give some advanced thought to spending on In home recreation products – firstly to avoid impulse spending and secondly to reflect if there is a real value or need behind the purchase

Understanding that there is a real need in the family for In Home Recreation allows people to set limits on spending without ruining the experience or diminishing the fun. Central to doing this is to understand more thoroughly how you are manipulated into spending money and to know where exactly all your money goes.

In Home Recreation Spending is one of the 14 different way in which our brain thinks about money, and by understanding the details of how much and how often you spend within these 14 ways, you can start to control your personal finance budget. By matching up your money in and your money out, you can understand the consequences of a variety of decisions regarding spending money, and while In home recreation is important – spending on it might not be as important in tough times as putting food on the table.

Sometimes, despite the obvious benefits to the personal finance budget of spending on in home recreation, only Chicken really tastes like Chicken.

Source by Mark Donnan

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