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Humans love animals and they especially love animals with humanlike personalities and traits. For this reason, many of the most popular films are either centered on animals or have animals as important characters. Even in a movie that has little or nothing to do with animals, a pet can add a certain emotional something to a film’s plot.

There is no end to the type of pet that a film can feature. As expected, dogs and cats, the two most popular pets, make up the majority of animal characters in films. But many other less common pets have had starring roles also. Snakes, rats, pigs, rabbits, horse and many others have touched our lives through their uncanny ability to personify humans in ways that humans just can’t do.

Most movies that feature pets as central characters are family movies that carry an important life lesson of some sort. These are not necessarily kid’s movies in the way one thinks of them and can often contain serious subject matter. These films are made with the purpose of giving families a platform around which delicate subjects can be discussed. Often kids have an easier time understanding subjects like death and illness if they see it through the eyes of one of these personified animals.

These days, computer animation and graphics allow for an entirely new generation of pet movies to be made. Animals that before would never have been seen in a film are now showing up on the big screen in life like forms. Whether they are lions, elephants, polar bears or some other exotic animal, video stores now have hundreds of titles offering human like performances from any type of animal imaginable.

Most animal movies carry with them at least a little comedy. Even the saddest of classics such as Bambi or Charlotte’s Web contain plenty of humor to relieve the tension and make the movie bearable. These movies almost always carry with them themes of human experiences and a message of hope. Kids learn that though life carries with it man pains and sorrows, we learn to live with those facts and enjoy life for its good times.

Perhaps one of the best parts of pet movies is the way they are able to use stereotypes we associate with certain types of pets in a non-offensive manner. For instance, the age old conflict between cats and dogs is often portrayed in a fun and non violent way in the movies. If these lifelong enemies can find a way to live in harmony, then certainly we humans should have no trouble doing so. Perhaps it si the fact that animals have so much to teach us about ourselves that makes us love them so much in the movies. Through animals we are able to take a look at our own humanity or lack of it and perhaps do something to improve our own lives.

Source by Collin Walker

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