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It’s not a secret the healthcare industry includes a lot of opportunities, the actual question is actually what opportunity will offer you a profession you love. A huge deciding factor here will be, well you. You have to really search inside yourself and determine just what you are passionate about in addition to what you are able to picture yourself doing ten or twenty years from right now. Just one choice would be becoming a pharmacy  tech .

There are a number of benefits to being a pharmacy  tech  including, good pay, room for professional development and pharmacy  tech  jobs are always readily available. So how do you become a pharmacy technician? Will it entail training, certification, licensing or even all of the above?

Really, the process of becoming a pharmacy  tech  is much simpler than folks tend to anticipate it to be. Actually, the majority of states don’t even require you to be certified with this position then again, most companies do prefer to hire people that have the proper certification and education. The great  news  here is that many states allow you to receive your certification from an online pharmacy  tech  course.

Most of these internet based training courses are very cost effective usually ranging in price from $500-$800 and usually take less than two months to complete, based on state requirements and the course curriculum of the school which you decide on. For anyone who is in need of work right away and schooling just isn’t an option for you just yet, you could still be able to get your foot in the door as a pharmacy technician.

These days many companies offer on-the-job coaching and might even enroll you in a certification program to help you obtain the understanding and experience that you need to be an awesome employee. However it really should be mentioned that these types of positions will be a little harder to find. In the scenario like this I would highly recommend talking to and applying to several of the smaller, neighborhood pharmacies in your community.

So what about work opportunities, where will a pharmacy technician work, what jobs are offered and just how much will they pay? Those are all really good concerns for anyone interested in this industry and thankfully they all offer an answer. Pharmacy technicians can work in medical clinic pharmacies, hospitals and even smaller neighborhood pharmacies.

Concerning earning potential there’s a lot of opportunity and room for development. A person’s pay depends on a number of different factors which includes your current geographic location, your amount of practical experience as well as your amount of certification. However a typical salary for a person coming into this particular career field with the adequate education as well as the essential skill set can be anywhere between $25,000 and $30,000 per annum. As far as job opportunities are concerned there are actually an abundance of them available.

Pharmacy  techs  are the front line for each and every pharmacy in this nation, they perform closely under the pharmacist carrying out almost everything from customer service, answering phones, working with prescriptions, working with doctors and insurance companies and ensuring that the pharmacy operates smoothly. Without them you would almost certainly have to spend hours waiting in line to receive a prescription or perhaps ask a question regarding a current prescription.

Now you understand how you can become a pharmacy technician and just what to be expecting from the occupation all that is remaining is to finish your schooling, get your certification and get started sending out your resumes. Congratulations on making an awesome career choice, I am sure you’ll really enjoy it.

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