Picturing the Powershot SD1200 IS – Review of Tiny Photographing Technology


In this short Powershot SD1200 IS review I will explain the main features of this automatic digital camera. The manufacturer has made claims about the product which received very positive reviews; as such, I would care to give my input on said features. Keep reading to find out what I think of this camera.

What caught my eye was the Optical Image Stabilizer  Technology  built into the Powershot SD1200 IS. I don’t have a very steady hand, so a lot of my pictures come out blurry and fuzzy. This stabilizer  technology  really helped take sharp, crisp pictures. You see, it corrects the shaking of the camera (don’t ask me how though, I’m technologically challenged). All the menus and features of new digital cameras can be pretty daunting. Especially if you’ve never used one before. You wouldn’t know what to press or where to begin. One of the best parts about this camera is that it can work fully automatic. No worries about pressing the wrong button, and you still get sharp and clean photos. Functioning with or without a flash makes the Powershot SD1200 IS offers great automatic updates.

The Face Detection  Technology  of the Canon Powershot SD1200 IS is another great automatic feature. For someone who often cuts out faces on accident or because of poor timing, this automatic feature was astounding. It makes photography a breeze. j The Face Detection Self-Timer makes the Powershot SD1200 IS even more powerful and easy to use. According to the number of faces that appears or disappears on screen, it will automatically adjust settings like flash, focus and even white-balance (which is responsible for normal looking skin tones).

Taking the above mentioned into account, the Canon Powershot SD1200 IS is a really good digital camera for anyone who’s ever fumbled with lenses, shutterspeeds and flashlights. The automatic detection features will make you look like a real professional. The Powershot SD1200 IS encompasses advanced  technology  that anyone would be proud to own!

Source by Sally David

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