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Have you ever wondered what “pixel art” is? With the consummate continuing rise in technology, it can be confusing to even think about the process. But it really is quite simple.

Pixel art, definitively, is a form of digital art where images are edited at the pixel level. Older or somewhat limited computer games often use this form of art, as well as mobile phones and graphic calculator games.

This art form is obviously time-consuming. Purist pixel artists claim that each work has “Each pixel placed perfectly and carefully”. Artists do without filters, large brushes, or any effects that most Photoshop users have grown accustomed to. Even still, some amazing works of hard have arisen from this art form, but with great patience.

The most common technique in pixel art, also called ‘pixelating’ by some, is to draw an outline first. From there, solid colors are introduced, and from this point, slightly lighter or darker colors are added to produce sub-tones.

File sizes are the best attribute of a pixel art- they are extremely low. Another high point is that it can appear 3D, in games that can not support such features. The art form has become increasingly popular for ‘retro’ looks and lack of power in mobile phones.

Many communities exist, some put on ‘art battles’, where each artist sees what he can do to make the better pixel art. All in all, pixel art won’t be leaving us anytime soon- it has grown firm roots in pop culture and retro cultures. Communities like these make you wonder- why need Photoshop when you have your handy MSPaint?

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

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