Planning and Organizing


A plan is a trap to catch hold of the future. It helps to churn dreams into reality. What is to be done and how it is to be done is decided in advance. Planning guides us where we should proceed. Planning requires two important resources- time and money. It helps to reduce contingencies in future as we take steps in advance to avoid those risks and uncertainties. If we plan in advance, we achieve Pareto’s principle of efficiency, i.e. , 80 percent of work gets completed in 20 percent of time. Planning helps in being efficient and effective. Planning is required in all organization and at all management levels. Each organization has a vision. Vision is a roadmap of organization’s future. Planning helps the organization to accomplish it’s vision. It shortens the gap between where we are and where we want to be. It contributes to organization’s success. If we don’t plan, we have to face the reality as it comes, else we could have dealt with our priorities. A plan should be simple, clear, flexible and continuous.

Organizing is pooling of resources (human, physical, financial) so as to achieve the objectives taking into account the organizational structure and climate. Organizing follows planning. Planning daily ends up in being too much organized. The annual college fests which youngsters enjoy is a result of lot of planning and organizing. In order to make it happen the way the college committee wants, the official in charge has to supervise the whole process and organize and co- ordinate the food department, ticketing department, decoration department, the chief guest and so on.

Organizing converts plans into reality. Plans govern organizing and tells where organization is heading and how to go there. To get organized, one has to identify what is the best time to do the task and then later schedule the priority task for that time. The resources needed for the task have to be identified then. It should be ensured that the required resources are available in right quantity and right quality. A plan of action should be prepared for what task to be done and at what time. This would help in doing a task efficiently and effectively. Planning and Organizing prepares an organization for meeting future challenges.

Source by Himanshu Juneja

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