Planning Your Wedding Entertainment


If you are planning the  entertainment  portion of your wedding, there is no doubt you won’t be hiring a juggling clown. You’re looking for a Wedding DJ, and with good reason. You need somebody who knows music and can keep the crowd hyped up. You want them to have presence on the microphone, and know what the most current music is. They should also be familiar with the classics, so they can play to a more specific crowd if need be. The DJ’s music collection must contain a large variety, whether on plastic or digitally stored.

The Wedding DJ can bring on more than just playing music. Sometimes they have lighting equipment to give you that disco or club feel. Some DJ’s have set-ups for performing karaoke, which is always a big hit when adults and alcohol are involved. When hiring your DJ, make note of what kind of services they offer. Get an idea of what kind of DJ they are before signing a contract to have them perform. I have seen many a wedding ruined by low quality DJ’s. You certainly will get what you pay for when you hire a DJ, but don’t be silly and hire one on a bogus reputation or their own good word.

Ask questions of your Wedding DJ and don’t let them off the hook. Find out who is playing your party and what time they need to arrive to get set up. There is a bit of a process when hooking up a large amount of musical equipment, so the DJ should arrive a few hours before the party gets started. Make sure they know how to work their own equipment, and can fix it if an amp or speaker goes bad. Being able to hook up the equipment is the first step, if the DJ can’t hook it up properly and blows the amp then can’t fix it, party’s over! That’s the outcome we don’t want. So make sure the DJ is professional, likeable, and knowledgeable. These are the three qualities that you should be keen on, and make note of any specifics underneath each so you get a good

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