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Plasma TVs are fast growing in popularity as the myths around their short life span gradually dissipate, more and more people are now enjoying the fruits of this latest technology.

Studies indicate that that you can increase the viewing life span of plasma TVs by the way you install them. This has ushered in an era of plasma TV  entertainment  centers whose designs and features specially cater to increasing the length of usage of the plasma TV.

In fact, plasma TV centers are the perfect way to show off your plasma TV. Not only are they sturdy but their designs and finish compliment the over all impact of your TV. You can mount your plasma TV on any wall of your home. For example, if you wish to install your TV over the fireplace, you can consider the flat wall mount  entertainment  centers. These  entertainment  solutions are not only space saving but you also get the added benefit of getting the full impact of the image display.

Another option worth considering is the tilted wall mounts. These  entertainment  centers allow you to keep your TV at eye-level and you also have the choice of viewing your TV from any part of the room.

If space is not a problem, then you can think in terms of table stand  entertainment  centers, but you also have to keep in mind that each TV unit comes with its own custom fitted table stand.

The placement of the speakers needs adequate attention because they sound different depending on where they are placed. With plasma  entertainment  centers, you can enjoy listening to the music through ceiling speakers. As the name suggests, these speakers are adjusted into the ceiling of your room. These speakers hide seamlessly in any ceiling design and can be installed both before or after construction. You can also consider wall speakers as an alternative to in ceiling speakers.

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